So, you’ve never played tennis in your life, but you’ve come down with a seriously painful case of “tennis elbow.” How in the world did that happen? As your Grand Rapids Chiropractor, I want you to know that the condition is actually “epicondylits,” or more specifically “lateral epicondyle,” the medical term for the painful irritation of the tendons of one or more forearm muscles where they attach to the bony projection near the lateral epicondyleis (elbow joint). But, let’s face it, “tennis elbow” is much easier to say and far easier to remember! And, as you’ve probably surmised, this painful challenge is not just produced by playing tennis. In fact, any activity that requires repetitive gripping of something can produce pain in the elbow; for example activities like knitting, chopping food, and computer use. Additionally, toting heavy bags improperly or using bad posture while performing any of the aforementioned activities puts excessive stress on the elbow.

But, your elbow pain may not actually have anything to do with your elbow, itself, just as it has nothing to do with whether or not you play tennis. How can that be the case? Sometimes elbow pain can be the result of a problem farther up the arm or even in the neck. A vertebral subluxation or a disc protrusion in the neck commonly will affect the nerves that give function to the forearm muscles and cause them to become irritated. The irritation in most cases causes the muscles to tighten and this tension causes undue pressure on the tendon attachment(s). In this case, elbow problems are the result as opposed to the cause of your elbow pain.

Epicondylitis, like nearly all muscoloskeletal problems, usually doesn’t go away on its own. On the contrary, due to the fact that the body is so successful at compensating for dysfunctions, if the challenge is left untreated, difficulties such as additional subluxations and an increase in degenerative changes that cause arthritis can occur.

When analyzing and treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions are required, including those that produce elbow pain, s chiropractor is an expert. As your Chiropractor, I will be able to uncover the actual cause of your challenge and treat it at its source.

So, you don’t need to suffer with “tennis elbow” whether you actually play tennis or not. Not only will chiropractic treatment be able to eliminate your elbow pain now, but I will advise you on how you can avoid pain in the future no matter what your activities may include. Call our Grand Rapids Chiropractic office today!