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5-starsI started going to GLFC about a month ago and I love the atmosphere! It’s very relaxed and friendly. They don’t try to rope you in to coming back.  You are given options and decide what you want to do from there. I also really like how easy it is to call and switch appointments. I plan on staying with Dr. McKenzie


5-starsI have been going to GLFC for almost a year and I really like Dr. McKenzie and the rest of the staff there. He is very approachable and professional. And the most important thing, I do feel the improvement in my neck/back.


5-starsI’ve been a longtime patient and always feel very welcome! Everyone here is nice, helpful and caring. I’m glad I found GLFC and will always come here!


5-starsI went to see Dr. McKenzie in July on recommendation from my daughter, Paula. I was having back pain and difficulty walking. After visiting the office, the discomfort has decreased and my gate has improved as well! The staff and Dr McKenzie are very friendly and professional.

Mary Hawkins

5-starsI went to Great Lakes Family Chiropractic for the first time the other day. I was very impressed with how quickly they where able to get me in. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. And the office is very nice, It feels more like a home than a clinic. I’ve been to several chiropractors in the past, but since I”ve moved 2 hrs from where I grew up I hadn’t found one that seemed right for me, until now!!

Greg Wilkins

5-starsI have had back pain for a while now. A few weeks ago it got so bad that I had a tough time standing. I called GLFC and they got me in the next day! They treated me like I was someone they have known for a long time. It is so refreshing to have people who genuinely care for your well- being, helping you along your road to recovery. The staff is very friendly and they always have a smile on their faces when you walk through the door. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking chiropractic help.

Katolo Mendamenda

5-starsAfter a hiatus of several months, I finally went back to Great Lakes Chiropractic and I’m extremely glad I did! The regular adjustments have really improved things for me. The mobility in my neck is back to where it used to be and my lower back is feeling great again. Dr Doug and Dr Jason are both excellent practitioners who really care about their patients. I highly recommend them!

John Chapin

5-starsWhen I went to Great Lakes Family Chiropractic for the first time, its was a wonderful experience. I learned so many things. I was told I could bring my kid there, and it is super convenient for all moms. The staff is very warm and friendly. I would recommend them to everyone!

Abbey DeLong

5-starsIt took a while for me to realize the benefits of weekly “tune-up” adjustments, but I’m going once a week to avoid neck and shoulder tightness and lower back pain. Both doctors are wonderful and care genuinely about their patients. The staff is so helpful and curteous; I feel like family when I walk through the front door. I would highly recommend Great Lakes Family Chiropractic to anyone and everyone!

Barbara Ross

5-starsDr. Mac and Jason are the best! I’ve been coming in for adjustments for some time and have found the care to be of a very high caliber. These guys will take care of you. Kinda feel like they’re almost family. Thanks guys. You keep me aligned and rolling.

Neal A.

5-starsI began with GLFC in July 2012 and felt a difference after my first adjustment. Due to other circumstances my problems were exacerbated and I began to feel disappointed. Then I received a call from Dr. McKenzie suggesting that I return since I had initially contemplated a one year plan. I returned and am beginning to feel better. I definitely sleep better and am quite confident that my chronic pain problems will also be resolved. I particularly appreciate the very clean and friendly atmosphere and the promptness of attention. Even better, one does not need an exact appointment, since wait times are minimal, so there is no significant disruption of one’s routine or schedule.

Abraham Joshua

5-starsI was new to town and had to find a new chiropractor in the area. I am glad that i found Great Lakes Family Chiropractic. Dr. Williamson and Dr. McKenzie are so welcoming and have really helped me with my back pain. I recommend them to everyone.

Melissa S.

5-starsAfter receiving treatment from several other chiropractors with little or no help, I found Dr McKenzie. I have been treated by him for several years now. He has relieved my pain and I am now able to live a comfortable life. The Office Staff is excellent! They are friendly, caring, helpful and always show concern for each patient.

Linda Stoner

5-starsThese guys are great! I hurt my back working out and came to them for help. I am a Personal Trainer and a Bodybuilder, so I cannot afford to be out of the gym. I called and they got me right in. By the next day I was feeling great! They made sure they understood what had happened, and made sure I understood how they can help. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family! Thanks guys!!!

Aaron Cobb

5-starsI started seeing Dr. Jason a few months ago. The office staff is super friendly and very family friendly. Whenever I’ve needed to get in to see Dr. Jason, they’ve been able to do it right away. I used to have headache’s all day long on a daily basis, now I still get them,but not nearly as frequent. With Dr. Jason’s encouragement I have quit drinking Mt. Dew and have cut down on coffee. I never drank water and now I drink at least 3 bottles a day. I’m thankful for all his help, as well as his staff and all of their encouragement.

Curtis Strader

5-starsA very pleasant environment, with very pleasant staff who create a nice atmosphere to be in.Finding GLC last year at a local Women’s Night Out event has proven to be beneficial for me. My reoccurring lower back pain and hip displacement can get under control by the expertise here. I also love that I can get in to be seen whenever it is convenient for my schedule. They are very accommodating.


5-starsBeing new to chiropractic, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, from the first phone call the staff and Dr. Williamson made me feel welcome, comfortable, informed, and on my way to better health.

Jeremy B

5-starsDr. McKenzie and Dr. Jason are the best! When I moved to the area a few years back and having back trouble, Dr. McKenzie’s staff made sure that I was seen immediately…. and I have been going there ever since. The entire staff is welcoming, concerned, considerate, friendly, and professional. Always feel great when I leave the office!

Linda M.

5-starsFrom the very first day, I knew I had made the right choice in chiropractic care. The staff here is very friendly and genuinely caring as well. I was having migraine headaches and severe back and neck pain due to past injuries. I had called other doctors who’s staff didn’t seem concerned about my well being and wanted to put me on a waiting list. Dr. McKenzie and Dr. Jason got me in for examination and treatment the same day. They are both very knowledgeable and effective. With a comprehensive and effective plan tailored to my needs I know I am in capable hands.

Michael Hancock

5-starsDr. McKenzie and Dr. Jason are amazing! I came to the office a couple of years ago with carpal tunnel in both hands (on the verge of getting surgery) and sciatic nerve pain that was unbearable. After a very thorough examination, a plan was designed specifically for my needs. Just a few visits later, the pain was gone and has never come back. Truly amazing! The doctors really take the time to get to know you and the office staff is fantastic. Best chiropractic care ever!

LeAnn Cupp

5-starsAll chiropractic is not equal. I have tried other chiropractors and not experienced the kind of relief that Dr. McKenzie has given me. I would recommend Doug to anyone.

David Deeb

5-starsI have been getting adjustments from Dr. McKenzie for a little over a year now. At first, I was coming in for wellness care, but I soon found out that my husband and I were going to have a baby!! He has taken care of me throughout my entire pregnancy and I am happy to say that I have had NO back pain what-so-ever (and I am about 2 weeks from my due date)! The office and Dr. McKenzie have made this a wonderful pregnancy and I am convinced that I will never be able to go through another one without chiropractic care!


5-starsFrom my first visit to Dr. McKenzie, I was relieved of my pain. I have had to call in for emergencies and they always fit me in. They have helped me so much. I always recommend them for Chiropractic care, as well as massages. My wife had never been before and now goes all the time. She is just as satisfied as I am. I recommend them any time the opportunity arises. Great job to all who work there!

Jeff Hirt

5-starsI never thought chiropractic care was something I needed, but after seeing my x-rays and having a chat with Dr McKenzie, I realized it would help me. I’ve had back problems for years and have been coping, but not well. Coming to the office has already helped (I’ve only been going for a few weeks). I think I’ve found a way to actually heal instead of just coping.

Tammy Dierich

5-starsI first started coming to Great Lakes Family Chiropractic in September, after months of suffering from neck pain. Dr. McKenzie has done an excellent job not only relieving my pain, but helping to correct it from happening again. He has done a great job of explaining why I’m feeling the way I am, and how he is going to help me. I highly recommend this office!!

Erin Oderkirk

5-starsI started coming to this office because I had a persistent headache for over 4 weeks. I’m pregnant and thought it was just a side effect I needed to deal with but their staff taught me how that was very untrue! Within 3-4 visits my headache was gone for good and I’ve never felt better! I’m still going once a week and will continue to do so throughout my pregnancy. The staff is beyond friendly and the doctors are very thorough and knowledgeable. The office is very well kept and the location is perfect. I definitely recommend trying them out!

Christine Myers