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Here is our Grand Rapids Chiropractic Weekly Health Alert:

The most recent research is showing that relatively short bursts of intense exercise — even if done only a total of a few minutes each week — will deliver many of the health and fitness benefits of spending hours at conventional exercise.

Just by doing three minutes of High Intensity Training (HIT) a week for four weeks, you can expect to see significant changes in insulin sensitivity and other important health indices.

BBC News reports:

“So how does it work? … [P]art of the explanation is (probably) that HIT uses far more of our muscle tissue than classic aerobic exercise. When you do HIT, you are using not just the leg muscles, but also the upper body including arms and shoulders, so that 80% of the body’s muscle cells are activated, compared to 20-40% for walking or moderate intensity jogging or cycling.”

BBC News February 28, 2012


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