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Chiropractic Weekly Health Alert:

Research is showing that exercise is a good idea when you’ve got a cold. In one study, participants were infected with a cold virus and divided into either an exercise group or a non-exercise group.

Researchers found no difference in the severity or duration of the symptoms between the two sets of subjects, but there was a difference in how they assessed their own cold symptoms. The exercisers tended to feel better than those who remained sedentary.

According to the National Post:

“But that’s not the only positive effect exercise has on a cold. Making exercise a habit may just extend the time between runny noses. Another study … found that regular exercisers had 20% to 30% fewer colds … A similar study … reported that the number of colds among people who exercised five or more days a week was up to 46% less than those who exercised only one day or less a week.”


National Post February 20, 2012

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